My working methodology revolves around three fundamental pillars: Tactical thinking, game analysis, and communication and leadership as the core of group management.

Adolfo Baines


Tactical thinking serves as the vehicle through which philosophy is translated onto the field. Each of the traits that define my playing style is associated with a series of inclinations and conceptual principles that form the strategic foundation to be developed during training through the implementation of tasks that simulate real game situations. hrough these tasks, I aim to offer players stimulating and specific practice that enhances various key aspects of the game: decision-making, positioning, technical skills, and more.


As a football coach, I firmly believe in the power of words and natural leadership as agents of inspiration for transformation, growth, and change. Hence, communication is an essential aspect of my training methodology.

My focus is on building strong relationships with my players, establishing clear, honest, direct, and open two-way communication Through my experience and the power of words, I aim to foster a positive, motivating environment of constant improvement that forges a strong team spirit and reinforces players’ emotional bonds and commitment.

Adolfo Baines
Adolfo Baines


Game analysis through video is crucial in my working methodology. Through this analysis, I gather relevant information to improve both the methodological aspect and the understanding of the game. This analysis allows me to identify behavioral patterns, both individual and collective, from which I can develop a strategy aimed at developing players, improving my playing style, and, of course, winning matches.